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The Journey from Making Beeswax Candles as Gifts to Selling Them and Other Fun Items

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The voice came from above and behind me. “You wouldn’t happen to need a job, would you?”  I turned, looked up, and admitted to the woman asking the question that I did, in fact, need a job.

Suzanne owned a candle shop and was looking for someone to make candles.  I started immediately.  It turned out to be a fun job.  I learned how to roll beeswax candles using sheets of beeswax.  How cool is that?  In addition to making the candles, I learned so much about beeswax itself and that there is actually a right and a wrong way to burn some types of candles.

That was in 2000.

We had just moved to Alexandria, VA.  Since then we’ve moved a few times and I’ve dabbled in candle making (mostly making them as gifts), but never really made a business out of it … until now.

April 2017

I joined a cooperative community where I sold my candles and also some general merchandise that I sourced to fill in some gaps at the shop.  I also made some simple beaded jewelry to sell as well.

August 2018

The Co-Op lost the lease to the building where the shop was, and I was left with a great deal of inventory.

What to do?

I’d done craft fairs before, but they can be exhausting if you do them often.  In the last year I’ve done a few, but wanted a website.  So, I took a huge step and signed up for a WordPress class.  Then I found Renae Christine.  GAME CHANGER!   This website is the product of her program. I love it!


Browse the virtual shelves of Markley Unlimited’s products. All handmade items are made with an open heart and the intention to simply provide happiness.  I choose all sourced products thoughtfully, and test them so you can be certain that the items you purchase from Markley Unlimited are high quality.