Blue beeswax candles

About Us

“You wouldn’t happen to need a job, would you?” a woman’s voice called from an upper window.  I was walking our dog through the common area of our apartment complex and turned toward the voice.  Yes, she was talking to me.  At that point in time I did, in fact, need a job.  Her name was Suzanne, and she owned a small candle and gift shop in town.  We chatted and it was agreed that I would come work for her.  She taught me how to make candles by rolling cut sheets of beeswax.   I learned quite a bit about beeswax and its qualities from Suzanne.  I worked my way from part time candle maker to full time shop manager.  It was a wonderful experience. 

That was 2001 in Alexandria, Virginia.  Today, I have my own candle business, and this site is the next logical step. I make my candles in Prescott, Arizona where I live with my husband, Mark, and our 4 cats.  If you have any questions for me, please click here and fill out the contact form.