Mini Glass Candle Holder


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This mini holder is a sturdy, solid glass cube with an approximate half inch diameter/deep insert to hold a wee spellie or a chime candle.  The design is simple and adds a touch of elegance to your decor.  

If you are burning a wee spellie and have trouble getting the candle into the holder, gently squeeze the bottom of the candle so that it is as narrow as the wick clip.  This will allow the candle to be put into the holder.  Regular chime candles should fit without issue.  If there is an issue, again, just gently squeeze the bottom of the candle to better fit the holder.

Once a wee spellie candle has finished burning, use the tip of a pair of pliers or a screwdriver to dislodge the empty clip.  It can be plucked out using the pliers or the edge of a screwdriver.  When a chime candle a completed burning, place the COOLED holder into your freezer for at least an hour (overnight is ideal).  Then, using a pointed instrument (kitchen knife, screwdriver, nail, etc.), you can gently pry the piece of wax out of the holder.

NOTE:  This holder is made of glass so will chip if it is dropped.  Please do not allow children to play with it (with or without a candle).

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